The Internet in general and social networks in particular have turned the way of working in the marketing departments of all companies upside down. Social networks force brands to maintain daily dialogues with consumers to communicate new offers or to resolve complaints and doubts, while continuously trying to attract new followers by presenting attractive content and interacting with all of them.

In this context, influencer marketing is one of the means that more and more companies use to be successful on social media. It is about associating the image of the company with a person of great credibility in a certain area and who, due to his presence and influence on social networks, can bring our brand closer to all his followers, in addition to becoming a prescriber of the products of the company. company.Therefore, it is very important to choose well the influencers with whom we will associate our brand. New Zealand Phone Number ListThe temptation is to try to convince a local, national or global celebrity, usually based on personal opinions and feelings, to be photographed using our products, or to make an advertisement with them. It would seem that the more followers a celebrity has on social media, the more interesting it will be for brands, right? But this is not the case, because a famous person does not necessarily have to be an “influencer”. In fact, customers trust true influencers far more than they do celebrities. But then what is the difference between the two?

When you think of celebrities, actors, athletes or singers come to mind. Many of them have millions of followers on social media, yet not all of them can be considered “influencers”. A first way to distinguish them is to stop and think how they have gotten all that bunch of followers. While an influencer creates content specifically for social media, a celebrity garners followers mainly due to their activity in the “offline” world.

But in addition, there is a key ingredient that makes influencers stand out: authenticity. We all know that hoaxes and false news proliferate on the internet, to the point that according to Bussiness Insider, in 2016 internet fakes had more “likes”, more comments and were more spread than the true news, being sometimes difficult to distinguish from each other. For this reason, consumer confidence in what they see in traditional media is at historic lows, to the point that Forbes magazine even announced in one of its articles the death of journalism.

So in this world where anything that is read can be a lie or at least be intentionally biased, who to trust? That is where the “influencers” come into play. For example, the secret of the success of the new Youtubers, those young people who draw millionaire audiences on their YouTube channels, is that they are people who speak like young people, about the issues that interest young people, and who mainly transmit authenticity and honesty. For all this, it is estimated that the recommendations of an influencer have 92% more acceptance than those of a “traditional” famous person, reaching almost the same influence on consumers as a family member or friend in real life.

Taking all this into account, how then do we choose an influencer for our campaigns? In addition to using some of the tools available to find the most influential people in the network on a certain topic, we must mainly take into account the potential audience in the influencer’s network. The case of the car brand Mercedes is very significant, which chose as an influencer to promote the Mercedes Benz on its YouTube channel a? a dog, Loki, a husky who lives in the mountains of Colorado (United States) and has no less than 1.3 million followers on Instagram. The result was a campaign with 173 million impressions. The influencer was well chosen, obviously not because of his opinions on mechanics, nor because of being a world famous character, but because of his ability to reach and get the attention of hundreds of thousands of people who love mountains and mountains. nature in general

And also, as the key to influencers is their authenticity, it is very important to ensure that the character really believes and bets on the brand with which he is relating and that he also considers it good for him to associate his image with that of this brand. In this way, this image of authenticity can be transmitted, which is the great treasure that makes influencers so valuable. We can say that now it is no longer worth looking for a famous actor or actress who hardly fits with your brand image to talk about the benefits of, for example, a beauty product, but that it is better and simpler

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