9 out of 10 brands and businesses say that facebook is an effective channel to advertise to customers. And despite the above, many companies still . Have doubts about using it as a channel to reach a larger audience and public. However, disruptive brands manage to grow thanks to their implement. At least 72 percent of them report rapid and consistent. The growth in their earnings during their first few years on the job. And this situation can be shared in firms that are out of the “Everyday”. In fact, disruptive brands are more likely to build their businesses on facebook than any other social platform. By being able to find effectiveness beyond traditional channels and media. You can get a better perspective of what you’re doing.

The Same Translates to the Work of Brands. For Example

From this medium you can do a type of segmented advertising. Which helps create and generate disruption in their respective sectors. Through the successful transformation of ideas into sustainable businesses. The use of social platforms is not only convenient for businesses Buy Ivory Coast WhatsApp Numbers and companies. But also for people. Social networks: old spaces, new audiences. The success that many companies and brands created on facebook a few years ago can . Be a guideline for thinking about how to execute actions that lead to expansion. Intentionally, the reference is clear. Obtaining growth much earlier than expected is due. To a greater extent, to the work that digital firms do on platforms such as facebook. Because by having greater participation with users.

It Becomes a Great Platform That Generates Position From

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The point of view of the user. marketing. Now, after some variations in the preference of content and especially the use that users give to social networks, companies should not underestimate the effectiveness that Facebook still has. With more than 2.20 billion users, it is still positioned as the most used platform in the digital media market. If the matter is analyzed, the most efficient advertising opportunities on the platform are those that are replicated in other places, such as Instagram, which is gradually gaining participation in the digital marketing strategies of companies. Facebook can function as a first and only marketing channel to start building community.

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