Since last Monday, the Faculty of Commerce of the University of Valladolid (UVa) has a neuroscientific laboratory to carry out marketing studies and as academic support, thanks to the collaboration agreement signed today between the rector of the University of Valladolid, Daniel Miguel San José, and the executive director of the communication consultancy Sociograph Neuromarketing, Enrique Hornos Redondo.

After the presentation ceremony, which took place in the Graduate Hall and was also attended by José Antonio Salvador Insúa, dean of the Faculty of Commerce, and Elena Martín, Director of Operations at Sociograph  South Africa Phone Number List Neuromarketing, the inaugurated the Neuroscientific Laboratory, which bears the name of ‘Martínez Herrador’ in homage to the professor of Evolutionary Psychology at the University of Salamanca, creator of ‘Sociograph’, a device that records the electrodermal activity of individuals with which it is possible to measure emotions that generates, for example, a song, a speech or a television series.

As highlighted by the rector of the UVa in words collected by DiCYT, the signed agreement allows “opens the way to start new lines of collaboration between the Faculty of Commerce, one of the oldest at the University of Valladolid and yet with a great dynamism and commitment to the future, and Sociograph Neuromarketing and other companies thanks to the most advanced neuromarketing technology “. For her part, the Director of Operations of the communication consultancy has pointed out that the project launched jointly with the UVa has a triple vocation, in the first place “to be the academic support so that students can carry out their End-of-Degree projects or End of Master on neuromarketing, as well as University professors and researchers to carry out their projects or doctoral theses, and that students can carry out internships without leaving the faculty “. On the other hand, the agreement will serve to “take another step in research and innovation to enhance our know-how in communication processes” and “have the support of prestigious institutions in our permanent nonconformity.”

Similarly, the dean of the Faculty of Commerce highlighted that the agreement signed today “places the Faculty as a benchmark in neuromarketing at a national and international level” and that it is a first step “with the aim of continuing to advance in training” , to launch in the future both a specialization course in neuromarketing and a Master in this matter.

The technology that measures emotionsThrough sensors placed in the hands, ‘Sociograph’ manages to evaluate the levels of attention and emotion of a person when witnessing any act, from a speech to a movie. The usefulness of this technology makes this development of maximum interest for neuromarketing, a discipline that applies techniques from the field of neuroscience to the field of marketing.

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