The technologies developed in recent years are already strongly affecting digital marketing. Companies that provide innovations are appearing at a faster rate than ever before. Impacting and transforming this segment as we know it. You can use this time to examine and rethink your marketing strategy during 2019. Video outstream according to teads. Not many people were aware of this ad format before last year. But already, 77 percent of agencies say outsourced activities will be crucial to their clients’ future success. Its rapid rise in popularity has a lot to do with annoying internet users, competitive advertisers. And publishers looking to generate revenue. External video is a new type of ad format that allows publishers to display video ads outside of actual video players. For example, on text line breaks or in the corners of a web page.

Here’s an in-view Example of What an External Ad Unit Might

Until now, brands have been forced to run video ad campaigns before or during a video. Within a video player, which meant that only Buy Georgia WhatsApp Numbers publishers with video content (such as youtube or vimeo, for example) could run those ads. That meant advertisers had to compete for limited placements. Editorial publishers couldn’t monetize video ads. And viewers were forced to watch content before or during their video. Weird ads solves those problems by. Enabling publishers to do more than just video content to monetize video ads. Publishers like the washington post and forbes sell locations to advertisers. Giving advertisers a greater reach. Outstream has reduced competition for ad placement in traditional video players by opening up video ads to the entire web.

Brands Can Now Reach Audiences on Websites Other Than Youtube

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They can also ensure that your videos are actually viewed, as external ads are only played when they are in view of the internet user. Let internet users ignore the ad. While these videos are intrusive in the sense that they can interrupt your reading experience, you can choose to ignore them by scrolling through the past. Many external formats play without sound and stop as soon as they are out of sight. It is for these reasons that some say external ads can be just as big as pre-roll ads. If the amount brands are willing to pay for them is any indication of their value, that could be the case. chatbot If you thought Instagram grew quickly, wait until you see its growth compared to messaging apps:This graphic shows marketers that chatbots are a growing digital advertising trend that should be leveraged to increase user engagement and sales.

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