It is indisputable that messaging applications are almost essential tools for millions of people and. If we had to make a list of the most popular, most would probably mention whatsapp. This potential is what facebook has wanted to exploit since. It acquired the app a few years ago in a deal valued at $22 billion. The bet has been to fill it with various changes and new functions and. Although it is not always successful, it must be recognized that some have allowed. It to continue growing and to the point of being considered the most popular application in the world. Above facebook. One of the most important changes in recent years was the launch of whatsapp business . A modality designed to allow the creation of business profiles and, in this way. Offer an option for brands to connect with their audiences.

This Application Turns One Year Old and Comes With Some

News and data: It was in January 2018, that WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Business. The first countries where it was activated were Indonesia, Italy, the United States, Mexico and the Buy Argentina WhatsApp Number Database
United Kingdom. Since then several companies have tried it; the airline KLM was one of the first. Currently there are more than 5 million companies that use this application. Now, a year after its launch, it presents novelties for its web version such as Quick Answers , to create simple messages that allow answering frequently asked questions. The “/” key allows you to select a quick reply and send it. Labels. It is used to organize brand contacts and locate them easily. Chat filtering . Helps manage conversations and have better control to search for unread messages, groups or broadcast lists.

Messaging Apps, a Competitive Market the Functionality of

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This type of app has been evolving at the pace of technology, so much so that for many specialists this will be the field in which it is disputed to reach the consumer. Not for nothing, only for this year it is estimated that there will be more than 2 thousand 180 million users of messaging apps globally , according to data from eMarketer. Without a doubt, a market that many companies want to reach: today the main messengers in the market are WhatsApp with more than 1.5 billion users, Facebook Messenger with more than 1.3 billion, both owned by the Menlo Park firm. But there are others that either by volume or innovation compete in the interests of users: for example WeChat that exceeds a billion accounts, or Line (220 million) and Telegram (200 million) that have earned a place for being innovative in the segment.

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