Although it presents a difficult scenari. Facebook continues to be a space of great relevance for brands that develop social media marketing. As shown, according to figures shared by brandwatch . It is known that there are more than 60 million business pages on the platform. All belonging to companies that seek the benefits that this social network can provide. And that may represent the existence of considerable competition. Especially from the content section. Getting the most out of this space created by mark zuckerberg will be an increasingly imposing challenge . If you don’t know which is the best route to follow. So in this post we share some keys to achieving success with content on facebook.

According to an Analysis of 7 Million 367 Thousand 63 Posts on Facebook

the BuzzSumo platform identified the elements that will define the success of content on Facebook for 2019. According to the information, these are the keys. Video performs better Buy Panama WhatsApp Numbers other types of content on Facebook According to information highlighted by BuzzSumo. when you want to take a content strategy on Facebook to the next level, you should go for video materials. On average, videos on Facebook get 59 percent more engagement than other types of posts. Regarding the above, according to the firm, when it was observed what types of content managed to be in the top 500 of the best Facebook posts of 2018, the majority of these (81 percent) turned out to be videos.

Contributed Only 0.2 Percent, That Is, the Links

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Not even accompanied by images, manage to perform as effectively as the videos. It is very important to pay attention to the reactions. Why are reactions important to better define content on facebook? The answer is simple, because they allow us to understand a little more about human psychology. That is, to understand why people enjoy certain types of content on the platform. This is an aspect that helps the brand define the direction of its content. According to the buzzsumo report, of the more than 777 million publications. The reaction “I love it” and “I have fun” were the most present in the posts.

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