The highly Founder Email Lists anticipated event, which has been celebrating italian music for 72 years. Is also an excellent advertising tool for fashion and luxury brands that have the opportunity to promote their clothes in a prime time attended by millions of italians. Once again, Founder Email Lists we analyzed the data relating to the voices and channels that generated the greatest media impact value for brands such as gucci. Armani and many others, and here’s what emerged! The numbers of sanremo 2022 at a glance the sanremo 2022 festival . Which aired on rai 1 last week, had a remarkable response in terms of impressions. Both on social media and online media . According to the numbers recorded by our software so far .The event has already raised $ 145m in miv® through 110k placements .

Overall, the Show’s Performance Was Largely Driven by

Founder Email Lists social media posts. With instagram alone generating $ 54 million in value. As for voices, the biggest impact on the total miv® were celebrities Founder Email Lists and influencers . With $ 23m and $ 19m of media impact value ™ accumulated, respectively. Looking at the origin, however, almost all the noise was recorded by italian voices, with $ 138m (ie 95% of the miv® generated in italy). During the 72nd edition of the italian song festival. The singers and guests of the five evenings showed off their outfits. Both on the ariston stage and on social networks, driving traffic to the brands that dressed them. The top performer of all was gucci , with the creation of $ 4.3m in media impact value. Mostly driven by posts from celebrities like emma marrone and måneskin . The brand has also been able to leverage owned media through a successful campaign.

Which Has Helped Generate $ 679k With 12 Posts

Founder Email Lists

Founder Email Lists published on social media. Valentino was the second best performing brand on the show, with $ 3.2m worth of miv ® registered at the event. The value Founder Email Lists achieved was mainly driven by the winning singer blanco, who wore a valentino cape generating $ 1.2 million in miv® for the brand. In third place was classified the inevitable brand of the ariston stage: giorgio armani dressed various protagonists of the festival. Starting with amadeus, gianni morandi, ana mena and matteo romano. In total, armani achieved a media impact value ™ of $ 1.9m . Other top fashion brands that stood out in terms of value generated during the festival include stella mccartney.


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