Also read: Municipalities on social media: to the next phase in 6 France Phone Number List steps Based on this insight, we have selected three areas in the municipality of Overbetuwe in which (almost) all households fall into one specific profile. See attached image. In each area an A/B test has been set up on Facebook with the subject ‘waste indicator’. In this A/B test, we again varied between France Phone Number List informative and entertaining content. Screenshot of a test for which content you should use in which municipality. What turned out? There are differences in the preference for the ‘narrative method’ between ‘home base residents’ and ‘informed family pressure’.

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The first group showed more commitment to the entertaining France Phone Number List variant, the second group to the informative variant. Difference in preference for storytelling in a post on social media for different municipalities. This finding illustrates the importance of taking into account the preferences of different groups of residents. At least in terms of storytelling. Differentiated France Phone Number List communication can increase engagement. Customized communication is not yet commonplace in the three municipalities of Overbetuwe, Lingewaard and Arnhem – they stated themselves. The realization that ‘the resident’ does not exist is certainly present in municipalities. But how do you go about doing this in your community?

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Is there a budget from a particular project for content? Then France Phone Number List experiment with tailor-made communication through, for example, A/B testing The segmentation model underlying this can of course vary. As long as it is suitable and leads to well-founded choices . In short: what works? By analyzing form, content and narrative perspective for effective municipal content in three different municipalities, we hope to provide municipalities with concrete directions for producing and France Phone Number List thinking about their content on social media.  In the meantime, we advise municipalities to experiment with their content and to keep

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