How to create a Multichannel Marketing communication strategy SEPTEMBER 9, 2022 1 SHARE 1 4 MINUTES OF READING 1 Shares 1 Get to know the essential channels to communicate efficiently with your customers and bring results to your business. Traditional media have lost their strength over the years. Television and radio are still part of the strategy of many companies. However, traditional media lost space for content on blogs, social networks, YouTube and other channels native to the digital medium. The more connected customer profile, who consumes content on different screens, requires companies to adapt, which must invest in a variety of channels to accompany the consumer’s entire journey, throughout the sales funnel.

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In this article, we’ll explain what multichannel marketing is and how to develop this type of strategy in your company. What is multichannel marketing? According to a study carried out by the American company Lewis PR, 84% of marketing professionals Country Email List worldwide invest in campaigns across multiple channels. In the case of e-commerces, for example, a Harvard Business survey identified that 73% of customers of online stores access the store’s website, Instagram and blog. By knowing more about the company, they better capture the benefits of the products or services and finalize the purchase. Being multichannel means being present on different channels, which allows you to increase the visibility and credibility of the brand.


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The company must maintain a relationship with the customer at all points of contact, so that communication between the different channels Contact Lists complement each other. For example, if someone makes a request to your company on Facebook Messenger and the next day the conversation continues by email, the company needs to gather all the information to respond to the email aware of the history of the previous day. This ensures a complete and efficient user experience for the customer.

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