Which channels to use? There is no exact answer to this question. Everything will depend on the customer profile that the company wants to reach. If the target audience of a given company is a frequent user of Instagram and Whatsapp. it makes no sense to leave these channels aside and invest in LinkedIn, for example. Based on this analysis, it is possible to define the sales or interaction channels that should be used with priority. The main channels usd by brands are: E-mail marketing It is the oldest channel in the world of digital marketing and remains to this. day one of the best and most effective communication resources.

Evaluate The Results And Improve

Through a nutrition flow, you will be able to establish a dialogue with your current and potential customers, to convert and retain them. In addition, email marketing can be usd to recover abandone carts, update the customer on the purchase status, or even to convey the brand’s proximity to its customers, by sending a communication to congratulate business email list them on their birthday, for example. SMS SMS is one of the channels with the highest open rate in digital marketing. However, its use must be cautious, since many customers consider it invasive. From time to time, you will be able to use this channel, with short and summarized messages, to publicize new products, revert moments of decreasing sales, create segmented communications and publicize promotions.


Accordingly Take Advantage

The negative point is that this channel has more costs involve, as it nds an operator that will carry out the shipments. Whatsapp Whatsapp is the favorite Contact Lists social network of 20.1% of Internet users in Portugal, aged between 16 and 64, according to data from the Digital Survey 2022. Usually usd as a social tool for interaction on a daily basis, Whatsapp has also become a commercial channel widely usd by brands that want to get even closer to their customers.

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