The investment of brands and advertisers in instagram . Influencers, media and public figures, mean that the platform currently has an important position in strategies. But not only as a showcase for campaigns. It is also clear that it has an important impact on the lives of consumers. To the point of considering .It a benchmark in political marketing issues. Instagram has just over 104.7 million users. It is expected that this year 1.6 million will be added. This, referring to what is happening on social networks at the moment.

Verification on the Platform Is So Important for Some

Users that they have taken it as a sign of support from instagram. That the blue verification checkmarks appears on guaidó’s account . And not on maduro’s. Almost all the presidents of the world. Who have an Bahamas WhatsApp Number Database account on the social network, have the check mark. However, it is not proven that the account in the name of maduro is the official one. And therefore, it cannot be assumed that instagram has withdrawn the verification. As some users point out on other platforms such as twitter.

In the Morning, the President of the United States,

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Donald trump recognized juan guaidó as interim president of venezuela. After the opponent was sworn in before protesters in caracas. Subsequently, various leaders joined the act. This referring to what is happening on social networks at the moment. In the alleged account of the president of venezuela, nicolás maduro . In contrast to the account of juan guaidó, who proclaimed himself interim president of his nation.This sparked a debate between those who consider maduro to be. The president and those who support guaidó, but the most shocking . Thing is that users on social networks consider a detail such as. The instagram check mark as a transcendental element to define a president.

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