Studies have shown over the years that the relationship between consumers and the products they buy is much more complex than it may seem and is marked by many more irrational elements than, at first glance, you can imagine. . Buying is something that consumers do for many and varied reasons and many of those reasons behind purchasing decisions are closely related to elements that are beyond what we can really process. Czech Republic Phone Number List That is, even though we rationalize why we get a product, in reality, we are buying it for reasons that go far beyond what is rational. It is an impulse, a subjective element, a largely emotional issue.

And, in order to establish these emotional links with the products and with the elements that make them up and characterize them, in reality, many issues and many elements come into play, and one of them, one that studies in neuroscience and psychology have shown. that are increasingly important, are the colors. Colors are a crucial element because they have a direct impact on our emotional perception of things and, therefore, on the emotional ties that are established with brands and with products.

The power of colors when establishing emotional ties with things is very strong, so much so that they can change the way in which meanings and information are processed to make them look completely different. A clear example of this reality is the way in which colors make totally rational information look completely different. That is, receivers see statistical information in a different way depending on the color used to display that data.

This was demonstrated by a study carried out by researchers from the Canadian Simon Fraser University. The researchers analyzed how the receptors reacted to graphs of information based on the colors used in the graphs. Certain colors are used to generate certain feelings. Dark colors are associated with negative data and more animated colors for funnier information. In this way, depending on the way in which the graph is presented, the information is processed at a subconscious level in a completely different way. Therefore, when demonstrating an argument, you have to choose one color over another if what you want is to highlight one positioning point over another.

The power of color to reinforce ideas
That this happens with information graphics and statistics is not another point to demonstrate to brands the importance of knowing how to choose colors. Colors help establish messages and ideas without having to develop them.

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