One of the most Laos B2B List anticipated products in the field of technology is google glass. Augmented reality glasses, which aim to ensure that users always have a connected device at their fingertips. That is why the american newspaper. The new Laos B2B List york times has already launched its official application . For said product. This new application will allow users to read news and stay informed all the time. It will also have a function to listen to the notes.

Thus, the Readers of the Newspaper Will Receive

The content of the new york times directly to their eyes. According to the google company , augmented reality glasses have a comfortable design . So that Laos B2B List people are always connected; without obstructing your field of vision. With that idea, the american newspaper Laos B2B List developed its application. Which is available on the official page of the medium. Thus, people with google glass will see news headlines through the lens of their glasses. Receive alerts and news updates every hour. With the option of having summaries of articles read aloud.

It Should Be Noted That to Use All the Applications

Laos B2B List

Laos B2B List that will be developed for Google Glass, users will have to register through their Google account. There is still no official date for the launch of the glasses, Laos B2B List but their creators hope it will be for 2014. Meanwhile, many companies are already beginning to create their applications for the device. Can you imagine what possibilities this product will bring to the world of marketing and advertising . Subscribe to the premium content of Merca2.0 From Madrid to Mexico City, the most reliable source of global marketing.

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