Instagram is one of the social networks that offers. The greatest growth potential as an advertising platform. An example of this is that each image published on said social network receives an average of 23 percent more engagement. Than on facebook, according to data from smart insights. However, in recent weeks there has been talk of a change made by. The facebook-owned service to its algorithm, a change that allegedly limited .The organic reach of each post to just 7 percent of an account’s followers. Through a publication on twitter, instagram denied the fact and explained that what actually happens is that. It cures the content of each user’s feed. And this is done based on their own habits of using the network.

It Uses What It Calls “feed Ranking,” So It Appears at the Top

The “depends on the posts and accounts” that users engage with the most. In addition, other factors that intervene are “The relevance. Frequency and the number of people who are followed.” in other words, previously, the photo-sharing app ignored the timeline to offer users . The posts new zealand email list of the closest followers. From now on, the social network will start showing the most recent posts. Which means that to improve the number of interactions and reactions. The posts should be made when the majority of the fan base is online. The best times to post these types of changes force brands to establish social media actions. And social networks much more aligned to publication times and with this in mind.

Hootsuite Provides Some Recommendations to Find the Best

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Times to publish. According to the report, in general terms, the best times to post are 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. , at the same time that it indicates that the best day to post is Tuesday , although Wednesdays and Thursdays also have rates and interesting success. The analysis goes further, and offers interesting conclusions for three categories that tend to take advantage of this social network with special emphasis:Travels and tourism According to the measurement tool, the best publication time for this sector is between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm, while the best morning is Friday . This makes sense if we consider that users allocate time on that day to plan the weekend; however, when posted after 1:00 pm, the post is doomed.


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