I used to think that only people with less education played hide. And seek behind anonymity on social networks . Today I realize that there are not many who dare to express opinions. Based on any subject, with their own name. Of course, it is easy to say what you want, disqualify and insult with a false signature or a pseudonym. Although there are exceptions. But they are the fewest. The hard part is being who you are and disagreeing. With CHINA BUSINESS FAX LIST someone or something and saying. It publicly, in the right language. Do you feel identified with this description? Well, it doesn’t just happen to you. Professors keith wilcox of columbia university and andrew.

Stephen of the University of Pittsburgh Have Just Done

A study on people’s changing behavior on social media under the title “Are people close friends the enemy? Online social networks , self-esteem and self-control”. In the text, among other analyses, we find reasons why people act differently on networks. We CHINA BUSINESS FAX LIST can choose the information that people see about us and we can also create a character that identifies us, ideally with more positive than negative aspects. We know that we are being watched and the manifestations of our audience – such as ‘likes’ – affect our perception of ourselves When we feel comfortable online, our self-esteem overflows and we can lose a little control (or a lot, if we are anonymous) Reading the information of others causes our personal perception to be lost. It’s easier to hate online than to hate face to face.

We Want to Impress Our Friends and Also Our Enemies Well


If you are aware that these changes that happen to everyone (some more than others, obviously) are part of your reasons and you still want to continue advancing through the field of anonymity. I have a good piece of information for you. There is a network where not only is it accepted that you enter as anonymous, but that is its main characteristic. which is promoted as “Anonymous”, “Shared” and “Entertaining” and invites you to start a diary on its pages, where you can tell everything you want, without fear of being judged. Somehow it reminds of the old blogs, but with more possibilities, those that include “pinning” and CHINA BUSINESS FAX LIST including photos and music, extracted from its own search engine. An important detail: you must take care of your content, even when you write anonymously and the company, for the rest, requires your real name and data for its files. Another day we will talk about anonymity “for good”, as a marketing strategy .

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