A couple of weeks ago. The photo of an egg broke all records on instagram. The photo of kylie jenner with 18 million likes was dethroned by an egg on a white background. And now the account that owns this peculiar image could earn millions of dollars thanks. The advertising opportunity that the success of the special content opened. The photo, from its publication. It will receive 20 thousand “Likes” per minute.

Now This Profile Is Sought After by Many Brands and Marketing Companies

Who hope to benefit from the impact achieved by the famous image. Which this afternoon could gain strength again in the middle of the super bowl. And it is that in recent usa phone number list days the account has published a series of photos of the same egg . The variant that the shell begins to present more obvious and deeper cracks. This sequence is generating expectations about what could come out. The egg and everything indicates that this discovery will take advantage . The egg could have to the impact of super bowl ads.

As Explained by the Atlantic, “being the First Brand to Come Out of

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According to nik sharma, director of the digital agency vaynermedia. Who assures that he would advise his clients “to invest.  The photograph. The egg appeared in a style similar to that of a football accompanied by the caption.“the wait is over.

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