Ai assistants bring branding to life by google once again. Google took over the scene in a big way. On this occasion, he demonstrated what can be done with an assistant thanks to ai. The google assistant was always there, like one more character. He hardly had a press conference to demonstrate his advantages. But everyone witnessed what he could do. The company played its part and showed that the google assistant can be a part of everything from televisions to electric bicycles. From the consumer’s point of view, the speed of acceleration.The adoption in voice-enabled devices opens up an important area of ​​opportunity. With ever-increasing possibilities of being able to expand its reach.

Why It’s the World’s Premier Technology Expo. The Event Dazzled

Thousands of attendees whose main axis was to live an experience with new products. Also, receiving a good dose of immersive content, brand activations. New technologies Buy Macedonia WhatsApp Numbers and learning. About the success stories of different entrepreneurs is something that no marketer can pass up. Ces is a world unto itself, with nearly 300 conferences. That can reach the eyes of the world via satellite. Meanwhile, the media circus surrounding. The event talks about its importance. In 2017, it obtained almost a million mentions on social networks and 60,000 mentions in the media. These numbers are on par with larger sporting events like the superbowl. For many exhibitors, the main goal is to gain media attention and influence.

Enterprise Exhibitors Not Only Offer New Product Launches.

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But also showcase them in remarkable fashion. Experience at ces 2019 for ces 2019, with so many exhibitors to cover.Startups flexed their event marketing muscle with creative strategies. That delighted attendees and delivered real, measurable results. Every january, the world’s best gadget makers travel to las vegas to showcase. Their latest tech endeavors in hopes of being relevant. Although, on the other hand, ces would be nothing without. Its most unexpected moments. However, not everything is technology. Having the opportunity to get out there and experience the show. While discovering exciting new developments from an experiential marketing. Perspective may be something to be reckoned with about this event.

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