Any business or undertaking has its name, more formally speaking its brand, that unique distinctive by which the target segment of the business recognizes, remembers and recommends it. The brand is thus considered a key factor in facilitating the connection between the business and the target segment. In order to carry out an adequate brand construction, advertising strategies are used, use of different media and development of creative messages that allow several factors:

Identify the brand with the business in the target segment
Generate an emotional connection between the brand and the target segment
Persuade about the relevance and Afghanistan Phone Number List difference of the brand compared to other competitors, and finally,
Attract the target segment to make the purchase and repurchase of the brand’s products and / or services.
The first step to achieve the identification of the target segment with the brand is known as brand recall and it is a key factor, because if the market does not remember the brand, even less will it be able to move on to the other steps of the sales funnel.

The only way to measure brand recall is through market research studies, which will depend on the product or service to define its methodology, but normally requires face-to-face fieldwork to be able to take information from a representative sample of the target segment. . Within this type of survey, not only is brand recall evaluated, but the recall of competitors’ brands is obtained, and based on more elaborate methodologies, the attributes of the brand and the competition, purchase intention of the brand and the competition, the proximity to the brand, the advertising remembrance, the media with the greatest impact of advertising and brand positioning.

Regarding the brand recall section, in the research, what is done is to consult the respondents about the brands that they remember of the product or service line in which the business is located in several ways:

Top of Mind or first mention: It is the first question in the recall section and begins by consulting the respondents, which brands of the respective product or service line they know and then only the first mention is taken. In this way, it is known in what percentage and which are the brands that are mentioned first by the market and therefore those with the highest probability of purchase.
Spontaneous Recall: It is the second question in the recall section and follows after the first question, asking if you know of any other brand of the product or service line, in addition to the first one that the respondent already said. And the second and third mention are recorded. With this data, the percentage is known and which brands are in second and third place to be remembered.
Assisted Recall: It is the last question in the recall section that is asked. In this part, the respondent is presented with a file with all the brands of the product or service line on the market and it is consulted which of them he has seen and is registered. In this part we will know how many people have ever seen the brand, however, it is a weak memory so it is not within the first three mentions.
Total recall: Finally, total recall is the sum of Top Of Mind, spontaneous recall, and assisted recall. This recall will indicate the total number of people who, whether it is remembered at the beginning or in the other steps, have some knowledge of the brand.

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