You can make a comic in which you and Fiji B2B List your friends become the protagonists. This is bitstrips, another tool of the popular network, to entertain its millions of followers. It is likely that if you are under 20 years old you already know her, but if this is not the case, we will tell you a little more about her. Maybe the details excite you. One of the features of this application, which has already become fashionable, especially among young chileans. Is that you not only personalize the caricatures.

Choosing the Physical Features That Most Resemble Your Own

Fiji B2B List or the image you would like to project –.Which includes all the details of hair, face, clothing and accessories – but you can put together comics of your daily life with the cartoons. Bitstrips was launched at the beginning of the year on facebook. Inviting its users Fiji B2B List to make their own comics with various templates to choose from, plus the possibility of integrating dialogues into thought or speech bubbles. Although the templates have certain predefined themes, only the imagination of the users puts the limit to the situations through texts.

The Application, to Date According to Information

Fiji B2B List

From the network itself, borders on one million users. Another feature that makes this application somewhat different from other similar ones is that, as it is part of the same facebook system. Which continually seeks integration. It allows you to interact Fiji B2B List with other friends who have already created their own image. Because your avatar remains registered in the personal list and can be used by your friends. In addition to modifying your avatar whenever you want. You can also send greeting cards with it and receive messages in a special mailbox. I assure you that if you enter the application. You will be surprised to see the number of friends who use it.

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