The online environment has become a powerful ally for Business to Business (B2B) companies, who have seen in the online marketing tools developed through this a lever from which to motivate the achievement of their business objectives.

This is the main conclusion reached by a recent study carried out by the Starfleet Media company, which shows that 50% of B2B companies acknowledge having been successful in their content marketing strategies. Thus, among the purposes that these have set, the generation of potential customers (an indicator cited by 92% of  the Kenya WhatsApp Number List  companies), the increase in brand visibility (also named by 90% of the companies analyzed) and building better leads (87%).

On the opposite side were the increase in their education around the market (category named by 41% of companies), the improvement of the brand’s web positioning (52% of the responses) and the increase in web traffic registered by the company (which was named by 61% of B2B companies).

The conclusions of this study are based on a survey carried out among more than 300 companies of this type around the world. By geographical area, North America was the area with the highest representation (with 69% of companies), followed by Europe (with 22%) and the rest of the world (with 9%). These B2B companies belonged to different knowledge areas, from technology industries to provision of office services.

When it comes to the types of content most used by B2B companies, case studies and customer success stories are the most chosen among these companies. In this sense, 67% of those surveyed claim to have published case studies among their potential clients in the last twelve months as an effective online marketing strategy.

In the same way, white papers, seminars and ebooks or electronic books are the contents most used by this type of companies, as shown by the data they provide on their use, which ranges from 62% to 52% , respectively. On the opposite side are infographics (only 10% of the companies surveyed say they use them) and buying guides (11%). The distribution, in charge of the sales team

In turn, this research also investigates what are the methods that business to business companies use when distributing their content. In this sense, the majority of those surveyed acknowledge that their company disseminates its content through the sales team. In fact, 91% of the cases assure that they have used this strategy in the last twelve months.

Similarly, 90% of users recognize that they currently distribute content also through Twitter and 88% carry out this procedure through a blog. Emailing and Slideshare are the most used strategies below, with 82% and 74% of respondents saying they use them. On the other side are promoted tweets, promoted Facebook ads and phone marketing. Analysis tools

Finally, this research also stops to analyze what are the analysis tools that B2B businesses use to confirm the success of their content marketing strategies. In this sense, almost eight out of ten respondents (78%) say that they have used website analysis tools in the last twelve months and 73% of them that they have opted for automation marketing solutions.

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