Ecuador Phone Number List With the fashion week season approaching. Unfortunately without seeing any signs of the covid 19 virus slowing down. Brands and fashion councils had to rethink how they would present their collections in 2020. Above all, the digital acceleration has registered unprecedented growth .Thanks to the global pandemic. And even as restrictions have eased. The future of fashion appears to be solidly evolving into ‘phy-digital.’ our ceo, michael jais attended the recent . French founders summit to speak with pascal morand,president of the fédération. De la haute couture et de la mode, on the process of creating the first digital fashion week in paris.

From Their Conversation It Emerged That Digital,

While not replacing the physical Ecuador Phone Number List . Allows numerous advantages both from a creative and logistical point of view. The art of digital Ecuador Phone Number fashion weeks: the conclusions that emerged from . The french founders online summit . The new presentation formats strengthen links with consumers and creativity . Michael noted that digital fashion weeks are allowing consumers to have. A much more “Intimate and emotional connection” with the brands they love. Fashion weeks have become more accessible. But the way brands have chosen to showcase their collections. Whether through video lookbooks, digital storytelling or behind the scenes. Has allowed them to build stronger links with the their target audience.

Building Brand Value Is Essential for Fashion

Ecuador Phone Number List

Ecuador Phone Number List, Companies that want to survive the aftermath of covid. Consumers try to understand the brand’s messages. Values ​​and what the brand wants to represent , and digital fashion weeks are a way to express themselves through . What they choose to exhibit. For example, designer yuima nakazato revealed a more intimate insight into. The process behind designing and commissioning her pieces. This allowed him to show the dedication, detail and craftsmanship behind each garment. Which would have been difficult to communicate on the runway. Above all, as pascal said: “the aim is to have a dialogue through the imagination of designers . And brands on the one hand, and of customers on the other”.


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