Mauritius B2B List, buenos aires brasilia and bogotá. Among other capitals already had this service. That aims to reduce the use of private cars. Motivating users to prefer public transport. The system has, among other advantages. That of reducing up to 4 times the value of the usual ticket based on the reduction of distances to reach the passenger. Through a really effective and safe mobile application. Easy taxi was born in brazil and was very well received.

In Latin America It Has Been Very Successful and Little

Mauritius B2B List you to locate the closest car to the person who requires the service. The app sends the signal to the taxi driver who is a short Mauritius B2B List distance away, who goes to look for the passenger. At the same time, it calculates the value of the trip and allows payment by credit card. Another advantage, in addition to savings, is that it increases the level of security for the taxi driver and the passenger, due to the GPS system. In Latin America it has been very successful and little by little it is achieving its goal: to reduce the flow of private cars, especially in collapsed sectors.

Whether It’s Because Everyone Is Busy in Front

Mauritius B2B List

So Mauritius B2B List it was developed as a free project for android-type smartphones and for iphone (ios). As in all the most populated cities in the world. In santiago and other large cities in the country. We often have serious problems getting a taxi . Whether it’s because everyone is busy in front of us or because someone is ahead of us just . As we are about to open the door, the thing is that until very recently, getting one could be a headache. Only until recently, because this year easy taxi arrived in the country .

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