Spain B2B List It is clear that Facebook has been one of the most successful businesses in recent years, despite being a free social network . Most of the Spain B2B List income they obtain is thanks to the ads and applications that external companies seek to show and also the ads that the users themselves hire. Next we will show you a little of what this advertising consists of . This great company has three main types of ads on its site: – Targeted advertising . Consisting of the dissemination of a product to a certain target audience. Advertisers choose the GO to whom these ads reach, the country, the city, the characteristics in common, etc. – Contextual Ads .

In These, in Addition to Showing You a Certain Page or Product

It tells you that a friend has given a Like to that page, which serves as a “hook” or testimonial to attract users. – Interactive Ads Spain B2B List Here the purpose is that the same Facebook users do the advertising , sharing a photo, putting “Like” to a publication or tagging a friend, among other methods. How is that achieved? There is a format of advertisements that are for contests and raffles, where as a requirement to carry them out, they give you one of those options. It should be noted that these modalities are only for advertisements with companies or independent users.

However, There Are Also Deals With Large Companies, for

Spain B2B List

 The dissemination and operation of various applications or games, where the price is clearly different and the contracts are millionaires. This is how the social network giant has generated revenues of more than 5,089 million dollars, only in 2012, with more than 80% coming from advertising (Independent and companies). However, there are those who think that Facebook is in decline, that all great business is ephemeral. Excess advertising and little privacy seem to be one of the causes. What do you think? I invite you to comment on the subject.

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