In recent years, a concept that was completely unknown until recently has become popular. Digital nomads. According to a bbc report . This movement of young people armed with a laptop as well as a good internet connection are just. The tip of the iceberg of a series of new professions. Work fields and even new ways of life that are born as a result of the new technologies. In this sense, the medium details, everything has a common denominator. It is about the digital economy and the reason for the internet. Reason for which the various specialized firms have made their bets on what will be. The professional profiles that will be talked about during the year that has just begun.

Cybersecurity Specialist According to Research by

Robert half technology , cybersecurity is booming, such that data, information. Network and cloud security professionals Buy Armenia WhatsApp Marketing Number Lists are in demand as.Businesses increasingly rely on data to your daily business operations. They must also stay abreast of industry compliance regulations, future security trends. And ensure the company’s hardware, software, and networks remain secure. Meanwhile, in addition to protecting data and stopping massive attacks. They must also prevent large leaks without excessively compromising user privacy. Blockchain developer it is the second most demanded field this year. From linkedin it is said that the demand for blockchain developers has increased 33 times during .The last in the united states.

This Type of Technology Is Key to Developing Cryptocurrencies,

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Each of which is based on what is known as distributed ledger technology. At the moment, interest continues to grow. Although there are currently few specialized professionals. 3. Machine learning engineer artificial intelligence is also generating new jobs. Berger argues that six out of 15 emerging jobs were related to artificial intelligence in some way. And his research showed that it is beginning to penetrate all industries. Not just technology. Apple, intel and nvidia will be the main companies in the united states that require machine learning engineers. Skills related to this sector registered an increase of 190 percent from 2015 to 2017.

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