What should the ideal marketing team be like and what should be the capacities that, however you look at it, the workers in the marketing area of ​​companies must have? Making the dream team and thereby ensuring that the company is well shielded against incidents, having a team capable of solving it and doing everything, is very important. Brands tend to focus on signing the key professionals, the great talents, but the truth is that it is not only about having the best and most suitable workers but also about being able to make sure that things are covered in all areas .

And what are those areas that every company should take into account and what are the basic skills that could not be lacking in a marketing team? The truth is that all of them can fit into four large containers, which have just been highlighted in an analysis in Harvard Business Review and which function as a kind of guide to what cannot be missing.

Digital marketing
As explained in the analysis, this category has experienced tremendous growth in recent times and has completely changed all those channels it has touched. In other words, digital has a complete effect on other things and makes everything else also change, as they themselves do. Brands need talent who knows how to make the best of this field, a field that includes more and more varied capabilities, such as web presence, social networks, email marketing or online advertising, and who, above all, knows see the full photo.

Brands need workers who are capable of going beyond what it seems at first and out. They need Armenia Phone Number List them to be able to see how both parts of the work connect and interact. They have to be able to collaborate, to see everything in a joint way and to use the data to guide them in this new world, they alert in the analysis.

Content marketing
In case someone was still not clear, after hearing over and over again the importance of content marketing and the growing weight that it has in the strategy of companies, the Harvard Business Review analysis insists again. Brands need content experts and workers who are capable of establishing themselves as leaders in this field. The contents are not simply things that have to be released to the world, messages that can be published and that’s it. They have to get into the strategy and they have to fit in with it.

The good content marketing worker not only knows how to produce quality content or how to get that content produced, but is also capable of finding the right ways to publish it and the perfect format for it. As the analysis says, he understands how it fits into the overall marketing strategy and knows how to create it to be as attractive as possible. And, as was also the case with the digital marketing expert, he knows how to collaborate and coordinate with other teams.

Science and marketing
Or what is the same: welcome is the marketing data scientist. Scientific minds are more and more present in the world of marketing and they have more and more weight and more associated activity, so much so that brands have to be able not only to recruit that talent but also to understand how it will work and what it is. what your ‘science wizard’ can (and can’t) do. A marketing data scientist is not exactly a data scientist, although his jobs and actions may seem very similar or the same at times. The marketing data scientist has to be able not only to play well with and understand data but also to create convincing marketing messages and actions with it (in fact, there are those who call this profile a data artist or data storyteller). They have to use the data and turn it into me

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