Where is the market going and what should be expected in the immediate future? That is the question that everyone wants to know how to answer, in order to achieve a much more remarkable and optimistic starting position than that of their competitors. Getting the answer is not easy, so brands trust the views of specialists and their forecasts.

One of the latest forecasts is the one that Mintel has just made, which has started from the fact that there are more and more connected devices and that consumers are increasingly migrating towards smart objects in all verticals. This is completely changing the position of consumers and will have to change the decisions of the brands. Denmark WhatsApp Number List  Citizens will be increasingly online and brands will have more opportunities to connect with them, if they know how to take advantage of the new scenario. This will change the pillars of relationships between one another and brands will have to focus on three new realities.

Promote online communities as an element to achieve engagement. The Internet has become a scenario in which brands are increasingly present and in which it has become practically mandatory to comply with certain things. Brands have already internalized the importance of having a presence on social networks and of generating conversations between them and users through these channels, while they have assumed that what companies should seek is to generate a certain commitment between consumers and the brand. Achieve engagement.

But in the future, brands must go one step further. It’s not just about posting a video and getting it to have a few likes and retweets, but about creating something much more consistent than that. Brands have to make the internet the key to creating a community. That is the first fundamental pillar that they point out in the report: engagement with brands must be managed through online communities.

Brands have to generate those spaces in which consumers are and in which they not only receive brand messages but also generate their own content, interact with other consumers or leave comments. The examples already exist and are varied, from the streaming video platform Go90, which is actually a community created by the telecommunications operator Verizon, to Record, which is the main community specialized in fitness and health and which is a creation of Under Armor.

“Social communities help consumers to position themselves on causes, topics and activities that are both important to them and relevant to the brand that hosts them,” they point out in the report from Mintel. The brand has created a space in which the consumer can express themselves, in which the topics that interest them reach them and in which the brand is finding its specific target with a higher willingness than ever to commit to the brand.

Mobile, mobile and more mobile.It seems almost obvious at this point due to the number of times that it has already been repeated and because of the many analysts who have recommended in recent times to brands never to leave these devices aside, but the fact that the mobile is always in the conversation should not be a reason to remove it from the forecasts. The mobile has to be there because the mobile is going to be a fundamental pillar of the brand positioning strategy in the immediate future. In fact, it already is in the present. Consumers are increasingly present in the mobile environment and increasingly access information from these terminals. The mobile has an increasingly crucial role in your day to day.

As they point out in the analysis, the mobile is already giving very good results. The examples prove it: in that virtual community that has been so successful for Under Armor, mobile apps that follow the consumer have become a fundamental element and have achieved a greater connection than other elements. In fact, when certain conditions are met in the mobile universe (that the app is used in a minimum of conditions), the engagement of these consumers is quite unquestionable.

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