Usually they are also meaningless, vague words. Container India Phone Number List concepts. Employees have a very good sense of whether management is spreading bullshit. Every word that recalls a “failed” process reinforces the belief that the new process, by definition, also falls into the category of vague misfires. A few concrete examples shortly. Also read: Culture hacks: stimulate India Phone Number List organizational change in 48 hours And what about imagery or metaphors in the title or in the rest of the plan? Do not. It is undoubtedly nice to come up with something like this during the mooring days with the management team, but rather fill that precious time with something else.

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Because the chance of success is only smaller because of it. Words India Phone Number List not to use If you are a manager or director, I strongly advise you not to use the following words at all when communicating with employees: (Continued) development culture trajectory Organisational change Improvement trajectory Reorganization Maneuverability Customer focus I have something to India Phone Number List confess to you. As a consultant I have often contributed in the past to change plans in which these kinds of words occurred. And I know its consequences. So you could call me an expert by experience. If I’ve learned one thing from it, it’s this.

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Words that really have meaning Make sure you speak the language India Phone Number List of employees. Keep flying under the bullshit radar. You do this by taking the experience of employees as a starting point. Make an effort to really understand their logic. Their problems, concerns, doubts, dilemmas, desires and needs, in short, their daily practice. Then you will find the words that really have meaning and you, as management or consultants, don’t have to explain much. If you put in the India Phone Number List necessary time and energy, you don’t even need a change plan to explain the usefulness and necessity of change to people, so to speak.

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