One of the main characteristics of influencer marketing is that bloggers and influencers exert. A strong influence on customers and are able to shape their buying decisions. This is due to the fact that they take care of their community. Create very close bonds with their audience and. Above all, enjoy a high credibility. Blogs and social media democratize conversations and bloggers. Unlike celebrities, are perceived as a less elite class, which is why .They are able to create greater empathy with their followers. This is an inevitable process and brands are adapting to . This new paradigm. That’s why, most brands nowadays rely on brand ambassadors in order to promote products and services through these new professionals. Becoming . A brand ambassador does not mean simply sponsoring

 As We Explained in the Article on the Objectives

That the brand can achieve through influencers . Behind the choice to involve brand ambassadors for your brand. There is much more! From brand awareness to the development of a more or less exclusive community. These figures bring unique value to the brand. A brand ambassador must first of all be able to communicate. The brand and become its spokesperson; it is therefore essential that. It shares the philosophy and values ​​of the brand. Involving customers and potential customers. Creating networks and establishing relationships are the next steps to take. If until now this role was intended for famous figures from .The world of cinema, music or entertainment. Today the figure of the brand ambassador can also be extended to lesser known profiles. Celebrities vs fashion bloggers: how to choose the right influencer more and more brands are paving. The way for the transformation of fashion bloggers into brand ambassadors.

Now That Fashionistas Are Invited to Runway Shows

And sit at the forefront of celebrities.  However, Does that mean brands will treat celebrities and bloggers alike? First of all, some fashion bloggers. Such as garance doré, the blonde salad, leandra medine andThe line between a very famous blogger and a celebrity is less and less clear. And it is an open debate to which it is not yet possible to find a single answer. However, there are some elements that highlight. The differences between these two categories. The same brand strategy can lead to different results the choice between a celebrity or a fashion blogger depends. On the objectives that the brand decides to pursue in its strategy.However, It is almost certain that the two figures. While performing the same actions, would not lead to the same result. Part of the charm of a fashion blogger lies in the sense of closeness and.


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