It is clear that most companies have become convinced of the urgent need .To Afghanistan B2B List use social networks in their marketing strategies. At this point, there are few who doubt . That and the reason goes beyond fashion. Not only have figures shown entrepreneurs that all actions benefit from networks. But something much more powerful has become a model for them. The media. Until a few years ago, television. Radio, press and the internet all had well-defined and exclusive niches. Which made it easier for companies to make decisions regarding which media to choose.

If They Did Not Have an Agency to Do It for Them

Today, Afghanistan B2B List everything is connected and. It is more difficult, but quite educational for top management. To verify that Afghanistan B2B List social networks have become the best alliance for the media. Just look at cnn chile, tvn, canal13, chilevision, ucv tv among . The national open signal channels, as well as radio and press. The discover that they communicate directly with their audience through twitter and facebook. The same thing happens in the rest of the world. Therefore the mere observation of the trend is a kind of endorsement for. The few who doubt the effectiveness of digital communities.

Likewise, for the Media It Has Meant a Tremendous

Afghanistan B2B List

Afghanistan B2B List saving in traditional rating measurements – although many continue to carry them out – because it is enough to see the number of followers, mentions, RT and responses to what each medium publishes, to evaluate, through a free metrics service, broadly the popularity and influence of it. Along with this, advertising efforts, in cross media, are usually oriented to social networks. The above has many edges, but in general terms it draws a picture in which it can be ensured that, as in other marketing strategies for most brands, social networks have undoubtedly become the best allies of the media.

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