Certain requirements are necessary to achieve the flow state: A challenging activity requiring skills A merging of action and awareness identified goals Direct immediate feedback Concentration on the task at hand A sense of control A loss of self-consciousness An altered sense of time Games that satisfy all these conditions can create a sense of intrinsic motivation which compounds and grows over time. Successful game design taps into our lust for competition, rewards, and status, and therefore can create many opportunities for marketers to increase consumer engagement, and loyalty and drive specific behaviors. How to add gamification to your marketing strategy Gamification has been trendy for years. 

Brands like Coca-Cola, Mcdonald’s, Nike, and Sony were amongst the first to use the particularly compelling, dynamic, and sustained gamification experience to accomplish their marketing goals. So does that mean it’s getting old? The answer is no. Gamification is still having a huge moment. According to the latest Nielsen report, 64% of the U.S. population (13+) are gamers and a typical millennial spends up to 96 minutes a day playing games on their phone. Compared with other more traditional marketing tools, gamification can be an innovative platform to incorporate brand messages and promotions.

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 It can work for almost any product or service and it’s adaptable to every budget. Companies can gamify almost any stage of customer interaction, including websites, loyalty programs, marketing campaigns, and online brand communities. Here are seven gaming tips to help you get started. 1. Relate gamification to your marketing goals Firstly, identify the Nepal phone number business need that you believe gamification can address. Think about the target outcomes and success metrics. Add specifics and articulate target outcomes that are realistic, achievable, explicitly stated, and measurable. Before you start thinking that you need a budget like Nike’s to create an emotionally triggering video.

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Here’s another great video created on a much smaller budget by Sevenly. N Of course, there’s a reason behind their pricing madness. Don’t forget to integrate analytics tools that deliver statistics on user behavior and can tell you whether your goal has been achieved. For example, if your target is to increase your website’s traffic, you can easily acquire your page and app analytics with Google Analytics and Google Firebase. Also, remember that gamification is not the solution to all business problems. Ideal Bathrooms, the UK’s leading distributor of bathroom products, used gamification to drive customer engagement and achieve sales growth. They created a sales incentive program called The Race To Dubai.

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The gamified virtual yacht race was designed to keep customers engaged. With each order they placed with Ideal, they would earn miles and move further on the map. The reward message was simple – achieve your target and you’re going on a trip to Dubai. As a result, the company’s overall sales increased by £5.1m, and its market share increased by 1.2%. Image Source: b2bmarketing  2. Understand your target audience Always consider your target audience to determine what type of game might appeal to them. Some critical questions you should think about are: What sort of games are going to work with your audience?

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