The new generations will never understand those mails that we share between adults. Dead of nostalgia and that speak of times before the nineties. In which all USA Company Email List communication was carried out face to face or by phone. The internet changed the world, giving life to generation 2.0.The digital natives and other groups that are becoming more important to society every day. But not everything is a miracle, even more so. When the use of technology is subject to people’s emotional fluctuations. In those cases, anything can happen.

A Little Over 20 Years Have Passed Since the Massification

Of the Internet and no one, at that time, could have imagined the regrets that the immediacy of technology could cause in all types of professionals.Leaving aside the USA Company Email List typical call after drinks at midnight, Facebook post included, to say that you still love your ex, a situation that would have been unimaginable two decades ago – because the cell phone was not what it is now and landlines they woke up the whole family – we discovered that there are a series of situations caused by or as a consequence of social networks that are sometimes unmanageable.

The Panic of Accidentally Sharing Something

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At work, the minds of most professionals, and especially marketers, fly a thousand. So when a massive email arrives, USA Company Email List with an unpleasant comment that could be from a boss or a client and you are dying to answer a joke for your colleagues to lighten the day, you have two healthy options: do not do it or think very well before pressing the reply button. Because there’s a bit of a difference in saying “This guy is definitely yard nuts!” to a friend, to say it for the whole agency and the same client. Yes, the temptation exists, but it is better to avoid it.

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