We will soon see different results. For instance: this is how Google indexes pages Which means that a specific piece of text (on the right) provides a much Malta Phone Number List better answer to the query than the page on the left, which seems to match the topic of the question much better. In this example, a response submitted to a DIY forum (right) is a better search result than the most optimized webpage around this topic (left).

After a Quote Has Been Addition

Optimization Opportunity: In each paragraph, provide as concrete an answer as possible to questions readers may have about your product. In other words, turn your subheadings into a question and answer it in the paragraph below. Extra advantage: you can also optimize your pages directly for voice search. Also read: Google comes with Web Stories: make visual stories SEO-proof And with a view to informative pages.

Quotation Is Quite Boring

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Make complete pages per subject. Don’t create a new page for every subtopic, but see which content you can merge into one article. Keep in mind the search intent. For example, if a subtopic lends itself to a transactional page, that’s preferable! Google picks the highlights in YouTube videos Soon we’ll see more and more “chopped up” videos popping up.

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