As a result, have a very engaged audience. NOS stories on Instagram Popular hashtags in 2020 On Twitter you can see the trending hashtags daily. That’s a super Lebanon Phone Number List fine analysis that Twitter gives us, topics that people are talking about a lot right now. Instagram probably doesn’t do this because they don’t want to act and profile themselves as a news platform, although it is also used for that.

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They want to stick with the “beautiful stories” platform. And that’s why there are a number of striking hashtags from 2020, collected manually. Does each hashtag belong to a trend or an event that mainly took place on Instagramarts quarantine What’s coming in 2021? I hope things have become clear regarding Instagram and the different content forms.

An Important Development

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New content forms will come and go, but they won’t happen in a year. There is no doubt about Stories and Shopping, they remain important in Instagram. But will Reels and Guides survive the content battle? And whether IGTV will continue to exist as a separate channel within Instagram is also the question. The content form that goes with this, video longer than a minute, may not fit within this platform. If Facebook is split up.