Customer reviews can not only help you find gaps in the market and find unique angles. Your own books, but also Thailand Phone Number provide insight into your readers’ struggles and needs. Because there are likely hundreds of eBooks already in your niche and topic of choice. But you can pay attention to the shortcomings of these books and create truly epic guides that leave no room for bad reviews! Validating Profit Potential with Helium 10 Once you’ve gotten close to some ideas, you want to validate them by determining if you’re interested in the specific problem your ebook addresses. Sometimes it’s not enough for a book to be an Amazon bestseller.

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You want to actually check how many copies they sell each month, as well as other books on the subject. And I only have this tool – Helium 10 . Screenshot of Helium for selling eBooks on Amazon This tool allows you to spy. The analysis Thailand Phone Number of any book or product on Amazon and compare them between them. So, not only do you want to validate your ebook idea, but also make sure it’s a profitable ebook. In the pregnancy niche (at least in the UK), I’ve Thailand Phone Number seen 4 books that do very well – all with slightly different topics. Like the modern midwife’s guide to pregnancy, pregnancy without guilt, baby sleep guide, and even “yoga” Pregnant Women” book.

Thailand Phone Number

If I were in this niche, I would: Write a similar Thailand Phone Number guide on guilt-free pregnancy tips. That book sells 200 copies a month, earning over £2,400 (or $3,000) a month. Wrote a yoga book for pregnant women, as well as a few other e-books with lesser competition. That book sells about 50 copies a month, generating £460 ($600), which means you’ll need to buy 3-4 books in this niche to achieve the same! Of course, you also need to consider your qualifications and expertise. But this is just an exercise to show you that you can profit from your expertise by sharing helpful guides. Math speaks for itself! This is just a hint of what might be happening.

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