This trend had already started a bit pre-corona, but the search interest has changed with the corona crisis. Instead of the cheapest, we want the best. According to Google, there is a 60% increase in searches for the “best affordable” items Ukraine Phone Number every year. Google Trends best vs cheap. Where do we go from here? The impact is clear, there are many new trends that online marketers have to take into account. Given the changes in search behaviour, it is important to be prepared for the future. Do companies have to adjust their (online) marketing strategy? I think so.

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Everyone has experienced the convenience of ordering online. You click, pay, and the package is delivered to your home. Does it not fit, is it not to your taste, or is the product disappointing? Returns are Bolivia Phone Number super easy. To some extent this will remain popular. You can offer a much wider range online. Someone who is looking for something specific will buy the product online. According to Scott Galloway, people will no longer go to stores for products, but for people and advice: “ People no longer go into stores for products, they go into stores for people. ” So you will have to offer expertise in the store, otherwise you can just as well order online.

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As a company, are you an expert in your branch and would you like to give advice? Make this clearly known on your website. Use location extensions and, if necessary, work with local campaigns to attract people to your store. Choice overload Now that everything is online, it is increasingly difficult for consumers to differentiate between different products and sellers. It will therefore become more difficult for online marketers to generate conversions directly. How do you convince someone to buy from your store or purchase a service from your company? You will need to have a creative online marketing strategy. Advice for the future : be where the consumer intent is .

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