So I’ve seen quite a few. And even though most copywriters really understand their trade, no one can Cambodia Phone Number look inside your head and guess what exactly you want. Not a good briefing often means that there are unnecessarily many correction rounds, which cost you extra time and money. A text Cambodia Phone Number hardly ever gets better if it has been tinkered with a lot. It also affects the working relationship. “Would have said that before That wasn’t there”, “I didn’t have that information and so on. Small irritations will arise and that is a shame.

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Deadline for copywriter briefing 1. Planning What is the deadline? Keep in mind that there is always a correction round. My advice is therefore to agree on two dates. One for Cambodia Phone Number when the first version of the text has to be ready and a second for when you want to publish the text. In your planning, take into account some time between the two dates. More haste less speed. 2. Information about your company Tell us about the company. What do you offer? Overview of products and/or services Mission vision How many employees are employed How many customers and tip: name a few names Biggest Challenges Overview of websites and social media channels .Then I give some inspiration for things that you can add to make your briefing even better, but that are not necessary to receive a good text.

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To inform Instruct Opinion Convince Activate amuse yourself In addition, it is also important to indicate what the call-to-action is in the text. Describe what type of text it should be What do you want the copywriter to write? A website page, blog, customer case, newsletter, white paper or something else? Suppose it is a blog, then add some links of articles that you are very satisfied with. You also add the maximum number of words. 4. Medium Where will Cambodia Phone Number the text be placed? Is it part of a greater whole? For example, if it concerns a webpage of a new website, it is useful to share the design. Do you want the copywriter to write a white paper that is part of a campaign? Then you share all the marketing material that belongs to this campaign. 5. Goal What should the text do? There are six text goals.

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