GIFs have invaded our conversations, they have disrupted traditional modes of communication by Qatar Phone Number storming blogs and social networks. From now on, we can post these short animations, very often taken from films or series, or even from cartoons or even from celebrities themselves. The Tumblr micro-blogging platform, a veritable temple of GIFs, has no Qatar Phone Number less than 23 million in its publications. Recently, it is also possible to post these small animated formats directly on Twitter and Facebook. But because some sites seem,

Wary Before Posting Gifs

Are really aware of the legislation around GIFs. gif-wolf-of-wall-street  Which legislation for which type of GIF? Before starting you should know the exact mention of gif. Or even of graphic interchange format. Does not appear in any way in the intellectual property. Code and that to Qatar Phone Number date no litigation around the misuse. Of a gif took place in France. But the question is still worth asking. Gifs from movies or series these gifs from cinema and. Tv are certainly the most used. But do we really have the right to abuse them?

Romania Phone Number

But an exception exists and could be Qatar Phone Number applied to the case of the GIF. According to article L122-5 of the Intellectual Property Code, the author of a work cannot prohibit ” short quotations justified by the critical, polemical, educational, scientific or informative nature of the work to which they are incorporated ” provided that it is actually short, and that it mentions its source and its author. The audiovisual nature of this quote is sometimes disputed, but it is not Qatar Phone Number actually mentioned anywhere that this law only applies to the literary field. In this case, we can then say that the GIF is a short quotation from a work,

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