Still, this isn’t really a surprise. In recent Canada Phone Number years. Complaints have been filed against more than 100 European companies that forward data about visitors to Google Analytics and Facebook Connect. As discover by NOYB, the organization of privacy activist Max Schrems. This includes some companies that are active in the Netherlands. It was therefore only a matter of time before steps Canada Phone Number were taken from the EU against this. There are a number of fundamental objections to the use of Google Analytics.

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Piwik Po – Use or not use Google Analytics Canada Phone Number Unresolved Issues with Google Analytics. While Google has made some tweaks in the past few years in an effort to be GDPR compliant. Some unresolved issues remain. Issues that are so fundamental to the platform that they will probably never be Canada Phone Number change. For example, Google Analytics registers every user with an online identification (for example a cookie). With this, Google Analytics offers website administrators insight into. Among other things, how many people visit a website and how many of them return.

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However, these online identifiers are Canada Phone Number consider personal data under the GDPR. Although personal data can be encrypt (‘hashed’), according to the GDPR. This hash data is still consider personal data and valid visitor consent is requir to collect and process it. An objection that now weighs even more heavily is that the data collect via Google Analytics is in principle always Canada Phone Number  accessible to the American authorities. Google Analytics is not a localized service. This means that, for example. It cannot be host on a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) running in an EU data center.

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