A close eye on which type of content provides more reach and China Phone Number List engagement, and whether this differs per type of resident. Probably not. Market size With 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide, the Muslim population is one of the fastest and youngest growing populations. Looking ahead, the market value is expected to reach $2.6 trillion in 2023 . This makes the halal market one of the largest unseen market potentials.

Just Like Ivan Pavlov’s

Organizations often only think of meat products when they China Phone Number List think of “Halal”, this is a misconception and this is exactly where forerunners will differ from laggards. You don’t have to go to Asia or the Middle East to be able to respond to it, because here in the Netherlands we also have a sales market of 1 million Dutch Muslims. The majority of Dutch Muslims live in the China Phone Number List Randstad. In Amsterdam about 13% of the inhabitants are Muslim, in The Hague about 11.4% and in Rotterdam about 10%. Yet entrepreneurs in the Netherlands think that it is a huge job to respond to this and that this market.

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Is very far from their product and or service. When asked why China Phone Number List  entrepreneurs are not yet responding to the halal market, I get the following answers: “I don’t know, but I’d love it if it was.” “I wouldn’t know which way to do it.” “The head office has decided otherwise.” “Are there opportunities in halal with my company?” What is halal? What is often misunderstood is the term “halal”. Halal means “allowed” in Arabic. “Haram” is the antonym of allowed, or forbidden. Stealing is haram, visiting relatives is halal. Going on vacation is halal, lying is haram, and so on and so forth. When we talk about a halal brand/company, this means that the services/products they provide are allowed and are therefore by definition halal.

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