There are three components inherent to the Brand Vitality Score. Visibility (reach of content), Impact (engagement generated), and Trust (the impact of content quality on brand image). However, you can access Kazakhstan Phone Number each component. By demonstrating the leverage of impact scores, marketers and communicators can gain the insights they need to improve what matters most to them.

Transparency also provides flexibility and control. In IMB, you can rank your market by VIT, and you can dig deeper into it. You can use VIT to measure the success of a post or campaign, create meaningful Kazakhstan Phone Number brand rankings and improve. The reliability of your ROI and investment models. Brand Vitality Score (VIT) measures the visibility, reach and trust of influencer content that mentions your brand. What makes VIT so exciting is that it enables transparency and provides simplicity.

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Testing in the US with “influencer marketing-led” independent brands demonstrated a correlation between VIT and key metrics of marketing Kazakhstan Phone Number success (engagement in owned social channels, website traffic, and organic search). As the influencer space continues to grow. We will continue to conduct research and development and welcome Kazakhstan Phone Number collaborations with industry thought leaders.

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