The idea of ​​Tatcha Kisu Lip Mask – TBH Lip Mask Denmark Phone Number never quite appealed to me. I always thought it was just the feeling of accidentally applying too much lip gloss when you weren’t paying attention. That sticky feeling makes me want to crawl out of my skin. This lip mask does not make me feel that way. It’s smooth, smells great, and clears up my chapped lips after just two uses (thanks NYC). Bonus points for coming out of this cute little jar!

Of TIBAL’s recommendation:

Boar Bristle Brush – Back to my never-ending quest for beautiful hair. The Denmark Phone Number benefits of this brush are endless. Easier to Denmark Phone Number detangle thick hair, reduce frizz and disperse oil for healthier hair. Sounds cool, but when she says “If you don’t use this brush to dispense your dry shampoo, you’re just wasting a fortune on angel dust.” I buy dry shampoo a lot. sell.

IGK Dry Shampoo – Speaking of dry shampoos, and the fact that I would do anything to avoid shampooing and re-styling. TRIBAL recommends IGK Dry Shampoo for treating “Exxon Valdez Grade Oil Spills” in the hair. This is the only dry shampoo I’ve ever used on the planet that actually leaves my hair feeling clean and not like it has 100 pounds of product in it.

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Tanning Lotion – As I mentioned earlier, I’m from Florida. So every winter in NYC, a small part of me dies, realizing that I’ll never be as tanned as I used to be. This lotion helps. I’ve avoided tanning lotions for a long time, but this one provides me with “streak-free” lightweight coverage that leaves me glowing after application. I don’t look like a Jersey Shore.

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