Christmas is fast approaching: the most prolific time Portugal Phone Number of the year for e-commerce sites . More and more French people choose the Internet each year to make their purchases, and no less than 38 million buyers are expected from the beginning of November 2016 at the gates of Portugal Phone Number online stores. The purchasing process is different depending on the type of customer, resulting in different peaks of activity that e-merchants try to exploit each year thanks to elaborate digital strategies.

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Here we give you some tips and ideas. To Portugal Phone Number help you stand out in the midst of this more. Then the dynamic competition. Thanks to various campaigns adapted to. The period as well as to the buying. Habits of the different customers. Understand the buying process To be part of the consumer’s buying thinking effectively, it is important to understand his approach. E-shoppers use Portugal Phone Number the internet above all to save time: 78% of French people say they use the internet to search for information. And while some are very far-sighted, others wait until the last minute to order their Christmas gifts.

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Progression of conversion rate Portugal Phone Number over time. Christmas shopping on the internet begins. At the beginning of november. Until the first weekend of december. When consumers will prefer to go directly. To the store during special openings (to avoid concerns that may be linked to delivery times). For the rest of December, local requests are accelerating for last-minute purchases in local shops (web-to-store). And whatever the period, it is possible to set up Portugal Phone Number campaigns using different levers to reach your target. Launch its promotional campaigns from the beginning of November race for gifts begins two months before Christmas,

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