Then you can customize a subscription to your wishes. 6. Piktochart Piktochart is similar in design to Canva, Vistacreate and Venngage. You have standard templates that you can USA Phone Number or you can start with a white page. In the menu you will find all the parts you need to create your perfect infographic. This way you can easily choose a setup for making comparisons or timelines. Piktochart also allows you to create and edit geographic maps of any country. Piktochart is useful if you want to share the information in a clear and well-arranged way.

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Creating a table or graph is easy. With a graph you can copy your data or upload an entire file. Again you can adjust everything to the color codes of your house style. piktochart The pro USA Phone Number also allows you to upload your own fonts. In addition, you have access to many more visuals. You pay €21.25 per month per member of your team. A big disadvantage is that you get a very limited amount of downloads with the free version. With a new free account you get two downloads. If you want to download something after this, you have to upgrade to pro.

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Click on the image for a larger copy. Infographic piktochart 7. is a platform specifically for infographics. You can get started with 18 (free) templates. At first glance, the templates are slightly less attractive than those of the predecessors, but of course you can make enough adjustments to this yourself. The objects are nicely organized by subject and have a search function. You have a few free options per subject.

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