It is important to show what you do and especially why it is important to you. What does your job do to you? What makes you enthusiastic, how do you switch off, what do you turn on? That is knowledge that shows your personality and what makes you stand out from others. Always make sure that a good post contains value and then not for you, but for your follower. So pay close attention to what someone wants to hear and don’t focus only on what you want to say.

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The 4-1-1 rule But how often? If you find it difficult to find the right balance between content-rich contributions and posts that are about yourself, your product or service Austria Phone Number the organization, use the 4-1-1 rule. How does that work? Post four contributions that are interesting and valuable to your LinkedIn connections. That’s why they follow you. Then you post one contribution that is about your own company or organization – for example, this can be a demo or offer with a clear call-to-action. And finally, post one contribution that is personal, that is about you or what concerns you.

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This gives a glimpse into your personal life and is important, but be careful what you share. Many LinkedIn users are annoyed by Facebook-like posts in their timeline. So no pictures of your children or beach holiday. What could you post as a personal contribution on LinkedIn? Think of a team activity, a personal achievement, a look behind the scenes at the office. The way you prepare for a pitch or a presentation, an event you participate in or your personal view on recent developments.

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