Old news but according to Cathy, Google’s suggestion tool is getting an update larger than all the updates from the last 5 years combined. The biggest Namibia Phone Number List point for improvement: thanks to machine learning, the algorithms now also see when a correctly spelled word should have been something else. For example, if you type cookie does, the algorithm will know that you mean cookie dough.

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Optimization chance: none! At least, a flawlessly written text is still the best for the reader. Pages that are deliberately optimized for typos are no longer rewarded. Ready for 2021! Here are the 4 biggest algorithm changes for 2021. Google has made a big step forward in understanding content as a whole and subtopics per page.

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Google will reward-rich and demand-oriented content even more. So when writing your pages, uploading YouTube videos, or creating Web Stories, really take the reader as the starting point! going to be a great year for B2B marketers,’ was the sentence with which I concluded my article on the upcoming trends in 2020* last year. Who could have expected then that the landscape would change?