That requires promotion. Doesn’t the publisher do that? Yes certainly. But as an author you play a major role in this. By being visible on socials, to bring your book to the attention. To invite readers to share their experiences. By getting media and reviewers to pay attention to your book ( like here on Frank watching. And by providing input to the Peru Phone Number book platforms, responding to podcast invitations. That requires constant attention. Also read: Why social proof works so well (and how you can use A book is not a business model. Or is it? You don’t make Peru Phone Number a lot of money with a book. So you don’t have to do it for that. And now you may be thinking: ‘Not even if you sell 200,000?’ Uhh yes, then. But if you’re writing a management book, you can generally be really satisfied if there are several thousand in circulation.

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What’s left for you? I can buy an ice cream for every book I sell. So that puts it in perspective. Incidentally, different publishers deal with this differently. With one, the publisher takes care of all the start-up costs, and therefore also the lion’s share of the income. With the other, as an author you invest at the front, and after that it really is a joint venture. The Peru Phone Number latter is my model at Publishing House Haystack. The big win is ultimately in the spin-off. Because things really do happen when you publish a book, especially if it lands well. For me personally, it has been a major contributor to my expert status on personal development. Whether that is for individuals or for organizations.


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And it has given a big boost to my personal profile. Simply because it leads to a lot of exposure. It’s hard to say exactly what that will yield in an economic sense, but the effect is definitely worth it to me. Own management or a publisher? You can Peru Phone Number always self-publish a book. A matter of writing and printing. Then you keep full control, and you have more euros left per book. All true. So why a publisher? Help from a publisher In the first place, I am convinced that it will make your book better. Everyone knows someone who is good at language, or who has studied communication sciences. And they want to read with pleasure. But giving valuable input when making a good book requires very specific knowledge and experience.

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