Just in a department or in Saudi Arabia Phone Number your target group. Collaborate with other departments As a conversion specialist you have to work together with other departments to achieve a successful result. If you don’t do this, experiments will fail, according to Tom van den Berg of Online Dialogue. It cannot be the case that developers put new features live while the CRO team is just running a test. That is why it is good to work on 100% validation in the organization.

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Neighbor In Mind

Conversion optimization should be Saudi Arabia Phone Number woven into every department. Allowing for greater understanding and stronger results. The goal: programmers who put points live, which have been extensively tested in advance by the CRO specialists. 3. Examine the mind of the target audience I came I saw I left , this is how Karl Gilis from AGConsult started his presentation. Lots of visitors, but hardly any conversion… Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Take A Good Look At The Subject

That’s because we don’t think from the customer’s point of view, but from the company’s point of view. 80% of organizations say they are customer-oriented. But when it comes to the customers themselves, only 8% say this is actually the case. So a big difference. A good example that Karl mentions is the search for a new carport. Some sellers show off the fact that they use polycarbonate material or that they have the widest range.

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