When we think of Christmas, we immediately imagine ourselves enjoying a hot chocolate while watching the snowfall outside, with the Paraguay Phone Number wood crackling in the fireplace and the gifts waiting at the foot of the tree, all coated in the warm and family atmosphere with the scent of stuffed turkey characteristic of Paraguay Phone Number the end of year celebrations…Ah, this dream Christmas, where proximity rhymes with sharing and where emotions are heightened… It may seem cliché, and yet, Christmas speaks to most people. A perfect moment for brands to convey a message that will provoke their consumers’ emotions and speak to their memories,

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Brilliantly applying the values ​​of Christmas. Brand communication and not. Advertising Christmas is a  celebration that awakens emotions. That is sometimes buried in everyone. An effective campaign is a campaign. That is directly aimed at the emotional. And that provokes a positive reaction from the consumer. Whether you have a store or an e-commerce site (or both). Christmas is an essential time of the year. To boost your sales and your notoriety. We gave you the means to Paraguay Phone Number create your campaigns in a previous article. Now here are some markdown concepts to exploit,

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Experience As Christmas approaches, the Jouéclub brand has completely revised the style of its advertisements, in order to Paraguay Phone Number face fierce competition from toy merchants. The stakes are high to seduce parents and children: to address these two different targets who nevertheless have to choose in unison, the brand has set up a series of visuals focusing more on the customer experience and services than on the products themselves. At a time when consumers like to  feel advised and pampered by brands, Jouéclub knew how to talk to its customers, by sending,

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