Creating and selling print is one of the Belarus Phone Number most popular side jobs online right now, and for good reason! This is a very interesting side hustle because many different types of printable files can be created. My friend Becky is sharing her journey of how she got her start online Belarus Phone Number and created a business with the goal of making and selling print. Today, Becky makes thousands of dollars a month selling prints on her online store! I’m sure you’ve heard of someone selling prints before. If not, they are PDFs that Belarus Phone Number customers download and then print at home. There is no shipping involved like physical products.

My Blog Journey Before

Printables can include planners, journals, Belarus Phone Number coloring pages, children’s activities, and more. I’ve even seen printable posters and wall art being sold. When it comes to what kind of print you can make, the sky is the limit. I’ve been blogging for a year and a half, but my blog, Belarus Phone Number Mom Beach, isn’t getting enough traffic to qualify for a good ad network, so I’m devastated. All told, I only made $150 a month, mostly from my affiliate partnership with Survey Junkie. My family said I should quit blogging Belarus Phone Number and take my “real job” as a UX designer for a financial company seriously.

Belarus Phone Number

I just hate my 9-5 because it’s so stressful. There Belarus Phone Number must be a way to make money fast with my blog! I was about to know. my print awakening One of the top bloggers I follow released a bundle called the Genius Bloggers Toolkit. I’m intrigued because there are so many Belarus Phone Number blogging courses for only $97. I bought it and started registering everything! One of the items in the bundle is Abby Lawson’s PDF planner from A Girl and Her Blog. I’m amazed that this is a planner that I can print out and use! My BA is in graphic design, so I know how to make a product like this. I even designed the Belarus Phone Number layout of the table of contents in the previous location.

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