I help entrepreneurs with their marketing strategy and I especially like to think strategically and tactically. My Bertha, however, is very focused on peripheral matters that will not bring her in any extra turnover. She’s incredibly chaotic and the questions she asks are questions she might as well have googled (often about technical stuff). She is also pessimistic and will quickly get into the “But that doesn’t work for me, because I… [insert excuse why she doesn’t want to try something]”.

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I can recognize her because she is already late for the introductory meeting and. Then also needs 5 minutes to find out how to open Zoom. Then she will say “It doesn’t work” and 1 minute later it will work miraculously anyway. ah, How do you then use such a negative persona? Bertha is actually the reason that you always want to have an introductory meeting with Sri-Lanka Phone Number someone before they join your program or before they purchase a service from you. Before such an introductory meeting, always go through both your persona and your negative persona, so that you know how you can recognize a possible Bertha.

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Someone who continuously

And if you get hold of one? Then you kindly say: I think [your biggest and most annoying competitor] can help you better, this is their website (mean huh). I think it is better to work on this (for example: knowledge level) before we get started together. These workouts are interesting. Based on what you’ve told me, I think there will be other professionals who can help you better at this point. With these tips, you can minimize the time you spend on Berthas, so you can refocus your attention on your ideal customers.

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